Celebrating the Puyo

Welcome to Casa Color’s world!! We think is important for our cherished customers to know about the products and the people who makes them.

For our first blog we present you one of the most representative textiles of our brand, the puyo o manta.

This iconic textile represents the area where all our Argentinean products come from, and due to its warmth is also very relevant to the cold kiwi winter ahead of us.

The major charm of the puyo is that each one is handmade and individual, so no puyo looks the same.

By tradition puyos were used as blankets to shelter from the extreme temperatures from the Altiplano – the Andean Plateau is in west-central South America, mainly Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

These one-of-a-kind pieces can now be used as floor rugs, throws, wall hangings or picnic blankets.

Puyos are hand-woven from hand-spun alpaca or sheep wool using a traditional back strap looms in two separate pieces and then sewn together in the middle. The dying of the wool is reached by using natural products, like fruits, wild roots and flowers.


The weave design is characterised by the use of contrasting stripes and amazing colours. Each piece takes up to six weeks to be completed as it is quite a labour intensive process.

Buying a puyo directly helps to keep these traditional techniques alive, as this craft has been in declined in the last couple of decades. Fortunately, Argentina still has some weavers that are pleased to continue the family tradition to learn these skills.


This textile works really well with diverse home decor styles, you can add one puyo to an already colourful room or throw one into a mainly neutral room, and you will see how this piece brightens the area. Personally I think any puyo product would look amazing in a traditional kiwi batch, it will add warmth, texture and colour to any room.

At Casa Color we have four different products made from puyos; the traditional Puyos that can be use as blankets or rugs, the Manta Cushion Covers, the Manta Table Runners, and the Manta Pencil case, which are made of the puyos leftovers in order to minimize the waste.

The above products are a celebration of colour and the encouragement of traditions and skills that we so enjoy supporting at Casa Color



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