Frida Milagros Heart - Medium - Green

Frida Milagros Heart - Medium - Green

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Frida Kahlo is undeniably the most important Mexican artist of all times. Her main inspiration originated from Mexican folk culture. Her art explore questions of identity, gender, class and race in Mexican society.

Our Frida hearts are carved from wood topped by a red flame that symbolizes the Sacred Heart.

The hearts are covered in Milagros, which mean “miracles”. These small charms are commonly used to thank or request spiritual help for a specific problem. The Milagros are made of pot metal (a blend of lots of inexpensive metals) and then placed in a mold to shape them into the Milagros.

The artisan who crafts the hearts is Alejandro, and he has learned this skill from his family. He now works with her partner, Jazmin, to carved and design different models.

 Size Medium: 18x12cm

Material: Wood and pot metal

Origin: Mexico