Otomi Rectangular Cushion Cover
Otomi Rectangular Cushion Cover

Otomi Rectangular Cushion Cover

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Tenango is a style of embroidery which originated in the Tenango Mexican state of Hidalgo. It is a commercialized version of traditional Otomi embroidery, which started many centuries ago by the indigenous people of the region. This work reflects the unique vision of this largely isolated group of artisans. This region is quite rich in vegetation and it is wedged among steep canyons so this has contributed to fewer exposure to the rest of the world and has been a key factor that has kept the ancient traditions and inspiration for designs alive for many centuries.

The tenangos embroideries give testimony of everyday life, flora and fauna. Most of the dyes are made out of natural materials such as seeds, flowers and even insects!

*Please note the inner is included

Size: 50cm x 25cm

Materials: cotton

Origin: Mexico