Rectangular Pom Pom Cushion
Rectangular Pom Pom Cushion

Rectangular Pom Pom Cushion

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The Pom Pom cushions come from the North of Argentina (Salta Province), and they are made of 100% sheep wool, which is the most commonly used fibre for traditional Andean weaving. This wool is easier to work with, extremely durable and warm.

The process starts with the shearing of the sheep, it usually takes place in January through April. The shearing is done by hand, using scissors-like shears, however the sheep are not harmed in the process. Once the wool is removed, it is then washed and dried. The wool in the original condition is called fleece, and the pom poms are made out of fleece.

When the wool is fully dried, the spinning process began. The goal is turning the raw wool and fibres into strong, consistent useful threads. The spinning is a mainly feminine activity in indigenous culture, sometimes being done while chatting with friends, or watching over your children or sheep.

The wool is then dyed, and it’s achieved normally with natural elements, for example flowers or roots. The fibres are dyed by artisans using recipes that have been passed down through many generations.

As soon as the wool is fully dyed and dried, the textiles are ready to be woven in traditional circular and rectangular looms.

The artisans who create these products live in remote areas, their skills have been taught throughout generations, and are generally their only source of income. We believe is important to help them showcase their talent to the world while preserving their culture. Your customers will value that each purchase contributes to the artisan’s life and their communities.

Casa Color is determined about helping create a full circle of ethically sourced products that continue to give back to communities in need


*Please note cushion inner is included